Fourth Annual Blueprint 2020 National Student Paper Competition
on the Future of the Public Service of Canada


Do you have amazing ideas for improving the Federal Public Service and making Canada a better place?  This is your chance to make a difference and get your ideas heard by leaders at the most senior levels of the Public Service!

As a student, you have an unique perspective on the Public Service and how it runs; after all federal programs and services affect almost every aspect of your daily life, from the food inspections that ensure the safety of your morning coffee to passports and services that support your adventures abroad…and let's not forget the student employment programs that can help launch your career. No matter what your future holds, the Public Service will be there to support you and your chosen industry and career in some way. Wouldn't you like to have a say in how this is done?

If so, we are looking for thoughtful research on innovative practices and approaches related to policy development and implementation, networked governance, citizen engagement; delivery of public services; public management and leadership; improving workplace culture; communicating the role and identity of the Federal Public Service to Canadians; and the public and private sectors working together for the benefit of Canadians.

The further you go in the competition, the more interesting it gets and the more widely your ideas are heard. It starts with a research paper and as you advance, you will make a short video pitch, participate in an online voting contest and present your paper to a National Panel of senior public servant executives via live web-conferencing. The Grand Prize Winner of the National Competition will be invited to Ottawa to present their paper in person at a seminar held by the Canada School of Public Service in the spring of 2017.

If you are a student enrolled in a Canadian university Master's  or PhD program or a Canadian citizen enrolled in an international Master's or PhD program, check out the guidelines and key dates and submit a paper to your university coordinator in December, 2016.

For inspiration, check out the Blueprint 2020 vision, the Twenty-Second Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada, and what public servants are sharing on how #WeAreInnovative, #WeAreAgile, #WeAreCollaborative, #WeAreHighPerforming, #WeAreProud and #GC2020.