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Achieve Design Excellence in Public Innovation
November 20 & 27, December 4 & 11 2023 between 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST 

Introducing a 4-module virtual training program developed by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and the Danish Design Centre 

More than ever, public institutions and entities need to be able to adapt and respond quickly to an ever changing and complex environment and context. Design is a systematic way of navigating within uncertainty and ambiguity and developing solutions that hit the needs of your target groups and users.

Through an IPAC exclusive four module training program, you will be introduced to all the basic principles, perspectives and tools for applying design driven innovation within public institutions.

The virtual training program is divided into two units.

Unit 1, consisting of the first two modules, will give you a thorough introduction to the theory and praxis of design driven public innovation and how you can use future scenarios as design tools for strategizing. Model Live Stream dates: November 20 & 27, 2023.

Unit 2, consisting of the third and fourth modules, gives you perspectives and ideas in how to embed design driven innovation into your overall decision-making processes, management and governance models. Model Live Stream dates: December 4 & 11, 2023.

 Program Overview:
Timeline: 4 modules delivered between November 20, 27, December 4 & 11 2023*
Duration: Each module will be 120 minutes in duration.
Process: Preparation (short readings, case studies and surveys), live presentations and breakout sessions, audience engagement (live polls and Q&A period)
Faculty: Subject-matter experts from the Danish Design Centre and the States of Change, public service and government services experts from Canada experts

Module 1, Citizen engagement in practice: Design driven public innovation
Module 2, Exploring new futures: Enabling strategic conversations with scenario design 
Module 3, Leading transformation: public innovation by design 
Module 4, Designing the decision space: making better decisions based on strategic learning in mission driven institutions 

*Delivery dates: November 20, 27, December 4 & 11 between 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT.
**All modules will be live-streamed on the date/time indicated. IPAC will share recordings and presentations from all modules within 48 hours of each live-stream date.

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