December 14th

Why Canada needs Generative Leaders

Why Canada needs Generative Leaders - A survey on the state of Leadership across Canada’s Public Service

The quality of public sector leadership matters now more than ever, but the nature of that leadership must evolve. The world as we’ve known it has changed drastically, and Canada’s public sector faces challenges scarcely imaginable a decade ago. External forces are making the world much more complex, among them the pandemic, digital innovation, supply chain and labour shortages, climate change, and a long overdue reckoning with structural racism and generational harm.

Internal forces are also increasingly challenging to manage. Policies have higher stakes, more sweeping impact, and are even more difficult to get right given the long-term timeframes associated with traditional methods of policy planning, design, and implementation. Navigating Reconciliation and devising anti-racism strategies will take deeper personal engagement and greater skill. Public sector executives must develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce and lean in like never before to support employee mental health and wellness.

Executives have to manage these commitments while juggling the demands of a hybrid workforce and delivering reliable, high-quality, human-centred service to and for the benefit of Canadians.